Dorie Greenspan perfecting her signature look.
Dorie Greenspan perfecting her signature look.

Dorie Greenspan is something of a rockstar around these parts. Quite simply, the lovable, award-winning cookbook author can do no wrong―and if you have even a kernel of a doubt, please refer to her legendary World Peace Cookies, created with French pastry chef Pierre Hermé.

Recently, some F52ers had the privilege of meeting Dorie in person (and I’m happy to report that whomever came up with “never meet your heroes” is wrong). We chatted about her forthcoming (13th!) cookbook, Everyday Dorie (out Oct. 23) as we nibbled our way through recipe highlights, discussed her enviable bicontinental lifestyle (she calls the New York area and Paris home), gossiped like old friends, and laughed our hearts out while we blatantly got our fangirl on. Turns out, Dorie―of pixie cut and neckerchief fame―is even more charming, generous, and wonderful in real life.

During our short afternoon together, I managed to ask Dorie a little bit about her signature neckerchiefs (“I must have at least 50 scarves, who knows?”) and even managed to get a short tutorial on her preferred folding technique:

On her scarf collection, from Dorie herself:

“I have long scarves that can double as mufflers. Oversized square scarves that can be used as shawls. Silk scarves (most of my scarves are silk); wool scarves; cashmere; cotton (I’ve just started to appreciate these); and the one that’s made from some miracle fabric that’s supposed to keep you cool in summer (my son bought that for me in Osaka).

“I’ve got several vintage Hermès scarves―the most recent one I bought is called ‘A la Gloire de la Cuisine Francaise’ (to the glory of French cuisine) and it has images of fancy food from a time long gone (see what it looks like here). I’ve got a long, red, fringed scarf from Yves Saint Laurent that’s covered with his signature hearts. I’ve got bandanas from gas stations and a fabulous cotton neckerchief from a supermarket in Shanghai.

"Michael, my husband, bought this one for me when 'Dorie's Cookies' was published. He buys me a special scarf for every new book."
“Michael, my husband, bought this one for me when ‘Dorie’s Cookies’ was published. He buys me a special scarf for every new book.”
Photo by Dorie Greenspan

“The classic Hermès scarf that Sarabeth Levine gave me in 2010 when I was heading off on book tour for Around My French Table was the first neckerchief I’d worn since I was a kid. Sarabeth thought it would be perfect with the button-down shirts I wear and she was right. I’ve been wearing neckerchiefs ever since.”

So, does Dorie have a favorite?

“I’m not sure that I can really answer that question. It’s like asking about a favorite food―there are so many things to take into account: mood, outfit, season, occasion. Too hard to choose, but…I have an Hermès neckerchief with pencils on it. It’s just the right scarf for a writer.”

Cook like Dorie, bake like Dorie, entertain like Dorie―now, look like Dorie! I think it’s safe to say: The cycle is complete.

"My squad." (Dorie's words, not ours!)
“My squad.” (Dorie’s words, not ours!)
Photo by Hana Asbrink

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