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Cook With Us – Cooking TV Show Pack

Cook With Us – Cooking TV Show Pack

Main features:
Full HD (1920×1080 29,97)
After Effects CS5 and above
Intro( with 6 placeholders for video/img)the videos used in preview not included, but you will can download free – links in project.
2 recipe boards
3 transitions
2 lower thirds
Easy editable
Video tutorial include
No plugins required
links for sound,videos,images in project folder.

Pie Crust Design, These Pie Crust Masters Show you How it’s Done

There’s an art to creating a beautiful pie crust, and it doesn’t have to be intimidating. If you’re looking to move beyond a simple, basic crust this season, there are a host of next-level pie crust design techniques out there to inspire your creations. There’s really no reason you can’t master the basket weave, the leafy border, or the fluted edge! Have fun with these.
Pie Crust Design, These Pie Crust Masters Show you How it's Done

1. Pie Crusts Classics

Thomas Joseph shows us a nice range of pie crust design options – a leaf border, a braid border, a honeycomb top (a favorite!), a classic lattice top crust, and he makes it all look easy and doable. Listen up for some of his helpful little tips as well like, how to hide seams.

2. Harvest Leaf Pie Crusts

A really pretty video demonstrating a range of beautiful harvest leaf pie designs. There’s the a mega-leaf pie (cool & unusual!), and a couple of free-style approaches with medium leaves. They all bake up beautifully!

3. Twenty Pie Crimping Techniques

Watch this one for the corkscrew crust, and Caesar’s crown. Measuring spoon is brilliant as well, but I have to admit visibly flinching at the pearl crust ;)…

4. Cookie Cutter Crusts

There is so much that could be said about this video, so many questions I have! 😉 I like the way our Topless Baker friend uses little fondant/cookie cutter flowers to accent his pie, and he really goes for it. Double decker flowers and all! That part kicks in around the 5:15 minute mark – I’ll tee it up for you.

5. Hearts, Flowers, & Polka-dots

There’s a nice graphic sensibility to this collection of crusts. And, the lace technique is new to me. I really love how the ribbon-edged crust baked up – super inspiring! Trying to find the original source video for this one and will update the link when I do.

6. Nine Minutes of Pie Inspiration

There are some very strange pies in this one. But, perhaps there will be something in the mix here that will inspire your own creations in the coming months.

7. Savory Square Basketweave

I sort of love this square basket weave with the sesame sprinkle. For when your basketweave game is strong.

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The Ghastly Gourmet Cooking Show

The Ghastly Gourmet Cooking Show

Who do you call when there’s a catering catastrophe? The Ghastly Gourmet team of course! Chip, Chop and Chunk are three beastly little chefs who can make a meal of (and out of) any situation, no matter how monstrous the request. It’s a gleefully gross cooking show not for the feint hearted or weak stomached!

Produced as part of Nickelodeon Australia’s Nick Shorts series.

Home Plate/ Professional Sports and Mamma’s Food – (Show Concept Presentation)

Home Plate/ Professional Sports and Mamma’s Food – (Show Concept Presentation)

Show Concept, Athletes and possible Hosts :

Tag Line: Home Plate: 60 minute Celebrity Athlete with mom Cooking competition. We will take a heaping portion of Sports, a dash of Food and a pinch of Competition with the end result being a dish of Drama. Bon appetite!

Synopsis: Many professional celebrities feel their career is all owed to their moms…. “If it was not for my mom dragging me to basketball practice, I might have ended up on the track team…” Home Plate is a show where the athlete can show appreciation and love for their moms…The athletes will want to earn the bragging rights that their mom is the “best cook.” Food is more than just sight, taste, touch – it becomes cerebral. From one bite, we are whisked back in time to when skinned knees were as commonplace as a worm in hand; a time when Mom knew how to make everything better. Your team just lost its last game of the season and your little legs ran home in the cold chill of fall. Not even the distant ring of sleigh bells could abate your tears. Then, mom brings over a bowl of her homemade chili topped with freshly shredded cheese and a dollop of sour cream… A smile, a hug and a cup of hot cocoa topped with one huge marshmallow to complete the package. Somehow, tomorrow doesn’t seem as bad and the game that had defined your whole life, were just kids playing outside. Home Plate is a show where you the athlete can show appreciation and love for your mom… the athlete can earn the bragging rights that his mom’s recipes are the “best.” We will show–glimpse–into this superstar athlete’s life, both the past and present day.

Cooking Show

Cooking Show

Two teams compete with each other from shopping to cooking and the most delicious food team will go to next level.