Easter Holiday Eats & Treats with Crafty DIY Expert Lynn Lilly

‘Craft’ The Perfect Easter With DIY Expert Lynn Lilly

Author & Founder of CraftBoxGirls.com Shares Her Super Secrets for Celebrating the Holidays with Budget Friendly Recipes & Craft Inspiration

Get ready! Easter is coming early this year and to get you ready we have Lynn Lilly–Founder of CraftBoxGirls and author of Screen-Free Crafts Kids Will Love! Lynn is available to share some timely recipes and craft ideas for making this a memorable Easter holiday for your viewers and listeners. Of course, the Easter holiday involves many traditions, and celebrating the religious holiday is at the top of the list. But for many people Easter is a holiday that involves bringing family and friends together. Renowned craft and DIY expert share some food, fashion and decorating tips to help your viewers and listeners get creative with their Easter festivities.

MAKING MEMORIES–Recipes that will make a lasting impression on guests
SWEET HOLIDAY–Why chocolate is an essential part of the holiday
FASHION FACTS–Easter is a great time to save on spring fashions
BEVERAGE FUN–Adding a little fizz to your holiday drinks

Courtesy: Kinder Joy, Arla Cream Cheese, Imagine Foods, Macy’s