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Oriental savory pie – even faster with the airfryer

We love savory cakes because you can vary so well with it.We actually always have the ingredients for a tasty savory pie at home.One time we make a savory pie with, for example, leftovers from vegetables (which are also used up immediately) and the other time we make, for example an Italian version with Italian herbs, ham, tomato and mozzarella This time we have a savory pie with an Eastern twist, because the savory pie is filled with Chinese wok vegetables, chicken and ham, tasty, easy to make and in the Philips Airfryer extra

As you know, we're a big fan of the Philips Airfryer and don't just use it to bake fries and snacks. , croissants, vegetables, fish, chicken otjes and oven dishes such as this Eastern savory pie? The big plus of the Airfryer XXL is that it does not have to pre-heat! Super nice if you are a bit impatient or if you have thought of what you want to eat last minute. In addition, all parts that have become dirty can simply go into the dishwasher. So no hassle with washing up!

Recipe for 2 people
Time: 15 min. + 20-25 min. in the Philips Airfryer XXL


  • 4 slices of puff pastry (thawed)
  • 100 g ham cubes
  • 400 g Chinese wok vegetables

  • 2 tbsp ketjap manis
  • 1 tbsp soy sauce

  • 3 eggs
  • milk splash
  • pinch of salt and pepper


Pour a dash of oil in a pan and fry the wok vegetables for a few minutes.
Add d Add the soy sauce, soy sauce and ham cubes / strips and fry for a few minutes. Then turn off the fire.
We bake the Eastern savory cake in our Philips Airfryer XXL. This way, the savory cake is ready even faster and you can get to the table earlier. Grease a baking dish / spring form (which fits in the Philips Airfryer) with a little oil. Cover the mold with puff pastry and pierce some holes in the bottom with a fork.
Spoon the filling onto the puff pastry. Mix 3 eggs and a dash of milk in a bowl and pour it over the vegetables.

Put the savory pie in the Philips Airfryer for about 20-25 minutes.

We have used a normal baking dish that fits in the basket of the Airfryer. But there are also all kinds of special accessories such as a ' master bakery kit in which you can bake (savory) cakes or a special grill pan .

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 oriental savory pie "width =" 735 "height =" 1102 "/> <br data-recalc-dims= This article is in collaboration with Philips.

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Trend: more and more restaurants serve canned fish

Canned fish is generally known as an inexpensive ingredient, such as a lifesaver that always roams somewhere in a cupboard, but we have been seeing fish more and more lately loom up in (luxury) restaurants, highlighted on the menu as a special ingredient What's happening with canned fish

Just to be clear: we are not talking here about canned fish secretly in a dish in the kitchen No, more and more restaurants serve canned fish out & proud : even served in the can where it came from.

 Trend: canned fish at ( luxury) restaurants "width =" 960 "height =" 960 "/> 
<figcaption id= Source: Simpl e. restaurant

Yes we can!

For example, Restaurant Simple in Utrecht serves a good bar menu with a dish of Ortiz sardines in a can. Then you get Bask’Ona Ketchup and popped seeds and seeds (and that tasted excellent, we can tell you). For the record: it stands among oysters, bisque, brioche with crab and other luxury bites.

And not long ago even a restaurant in Amsterdam opened that completely revolves around canned sardines, salmon and tuna. . The Can Bar is a mecca for the canned fish saver. Yes, they exist. And you would almost become one yourself if you see all those nice cans here cheerfully displayed.

 Canned fish at The Can Bar in Amsterdam "width =" 1800 "height =" 1174 "/> 
<figcaption id= Source: The Can Bar Amsterdam

Greetings from Basque cuisine

In Portugal they almost do not look at it, you almost stumble over the conservas restaurants : restaurants where you go to enjoy sardines, mackerel or canned tuna.

In America it is also becoming a strong trend to put canned fish on the menu, which is partly due to the large number of restaurants in the States that draws inspiration from Basque cuisine, and anyone who knows the Basque Country knows that quite well what prize-winning canned fish is produced.

Also the famous business era rift Forbes called canned fish one of the biggest restaurant trends of 2018. Top chef José Andrés, for example, is also happy to present it to you in his luxurious restaurant The Bazaar.

How can we ever describe the exquisite taste of these mackerels in tomato sauce? Come and try them yourself, accompanied by pâté, fresh bread and a delicious glass of one of our Portuguese wines and beers.🍷🍺

111 Likes, 3 Comments – The Can Bar (@the_can_bar) on Instagram: “ How can we ever describe the exquisite taste of these mackerels in tomato sauce? Come and try them … ”

Canned fish as eye catcher

It is nice to see that canned fish from that everyone's friend from the stock closet (fish connoisseur Bart van Olphen collapsed recently on Culy that canned tuna is the most eaten fish product in the Netherlands) is increasingly moving towards the culinary world.

Because in addition to being simply delicious, there is another nice advantage to canned fish: it fits in perfectly with the growing popularity of sustainability. Moreover, such a fine trend – that of natural wines – appears to go very well with canned fish. This is due to the fact that natural wines are often higher in acidity, which goes well with the salty, oily fat of canned fish.

Do you want to cook with canned fish yourself? Fish connoisseur Bart van Olphen has 3 delicious tips for you

Looking for the perfect New Years snack? I'd go with our anchovies and additional some tuna and sardines for the more cautious tastebuds 😉. . . The classic anchovies are the tree but the white marinated boquerones are amazingly tasty almost like fresh oysters with vinaigrette! . . Anchovies from great @pujado_solano are only made by hand from the freshest sustainable fish from the Cantabrian Sea! . . Photo by @chrisopandertonnesen – beautiful 🙏. . #newyear #snacks #tinnedfish #cannedfish #tuna #sardine #anchovies #boquerones #cantabriansea #grondals

107 Likes, 3 Comments – GR Ø NDALS on @ Instagram: ? I'd go with our anchovies and additional some tuna and… ”

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Trend: more and more restaurants serve canned fish

Vegan burritos with tofu and kidney beans


That tasty wrap, spicy herbs, and last but not least a good amount of beans and corn: burritos are a delicious dish from the Tex- Mex cuisine Whether you wrap them in a wrap or make them in a large pan to share together, you can make the burritos in this recipe with scrambled tofu, so that makes them vegan – perfect if you don't want to eat meat for a day. especially spicy with some sambal, chili or Sriracha if you like spicy.

Also tasty – but slightly less vegan – is grated old cheese on the burrito, and if you have some extras , you can serve a delicious guacamole with it.

This recipe is from Bianca Slotboom from De Keukenboef. A foodie with her own restaurant in Amsterdam where she stands behind the stove three times a day. She also makes delicious recipes for her blog, with short ingredient lists and accessible products. Nice and easy.

 vegan burrito "width =" 1280 "height =" 800 "/> </figure data-recalc-dims=

This is how you make this vegan burrito

Finely chop the tofu Please note: do not chop it too fine either, it must still remain kibble and not knit (it is best to use the "pulse" position.)

Chop the onion, cut the bell pepper dice and finely chop the garlic.

Fry the onion together with the garlic in a large (appetizer) pan. After about five minutes, add the pepper cubes, the chopped tofu and the kidney beans.

Add the curry powder, paprika powder and tomato passata, season with pepper and salt, heat for a further 4 to 5 minutes, and stir occasionally.

Heat the wraps in a microwave or on a fire in a pan.

Place the wraps on your kitchen counter, put some mixed salad in the middle of the wrap and divide the vegan tofu mixture over the warps.

Roll up the wraps and cut them in half. Handy: that's how you roll burritos like a pro.

Vegan recipes

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Vegan burritos with scrambled tofu and kidney beans

7x recipes for Mother's Day – Lekker en Simpel

It's almost a mother's day again. putting the mothers in the spotlight and pampering them with a nice breakfast in bed or a delicious cake.These are seven delicious recipes that will make every mother very happy! If you see this message as mother and think hey that delicious I also like chocolate pancakes, send it to your son / daughter / partner 😉 Have a great mother's day!

1. Stuffed croissants with egg salad
 Stuffed croissants with egg salad "width = "680" height = "453" /> </strong data-recalc-dims=
2. Chocolate pancakes with oatmeal
 Chocolate pancakes with oatmeal "width =" 680 "height =" 453 "/> </strong data-recalc-dims=
3. Carrot cake roll
 Carrot cake roll "width =" 680 "height =" 453 "/> </strong data-recalc-dims=
4. Red velvet banana bread
 Red velvet banana bread with cream cheese "width =" 680 "height =" 453 "/> </strong data-recalc-dims=
5. Double chocolate cheesecake
 Double chocolate cheesecake "width =" 1360 "height =" 907 "/> </strong data-recalc-dims=
6. Smoothie bowl with banana
 Smoothie bowl with banana "width =" 1360 "height =" 907 "/> </strong data-recalc-dims=
7. Egg sandwich from the oven
 egg from the oven "width =" 1360 "height =" 907 "/> <br data-recalc-dims= Save the 7x mother's day recipes on Pinterest!
 7x mother's day recipes" width = "735" height = "1102" / > <br data-recalc-dims=

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Culy visits one of the 5 masters of the Netherlands

For a year, butcher Johan van Uden trained for the Master Test to become a master butcher, preparing himself for the test twenty hours a week, in addition to his job at the butcher shop Chateaubriand in Heemstede: "I didn't have a day off in that year. I was just here on Sundays," says Johan van Uden when Culy comes to the butcher shop. "This is the toughest thing I've ever done."

But his efforts have not been in vain: Johan can now call himself a master butcher, the highest attainable in the industry, and in total the butcher was judged on seventy-five criteria. eleven produc Piece by piece within half an hour.

 master butcher Johan van Uden "width =" 5184 "height =" 3456 "/> </figure data-recalc-dims=

A look at the butcher shop

Culy was invited by Johan to the Chateaubriand butcher in Heemstede to see what the components of such a test would look like.

It is immediately clear that Johan has a passion for his profession. the moment we step into the butcher shop. The meat is treated here with love. "Meat is not thrown in my butcher shop," says Johan resolutely. "We treat the meat here as we treat women: with respect," adds his apprentice and assistant to the Master's Test.

 master butcher johan van uden "width =" 5184 "height = "3456" /> </figure data-recalc-dims=

With admiration we watch Johan passionately make a classic paté and croûte and jambon persillé .

 master butcher johan van uden "width =" 5184 "height =" 3456 "/> </figure data-recalc-dims=

Even better is the mosaic pattern he makes in the sausage. As a reminder: that must also be done within half an hour.

 master butcher johan van uden "width =" 5184 "height =" 3456 "/> </figure data-recalc-dims=
 master butcher johan van uden "width =" 3456 "height =" 5184 "/> </figure data-recalc-dims=

Passing on craftsmanship to the next generation

It is a technique that almost never occurs today. Just like, for example, garnishing fresh meat dishes with bacon, which nowadays costs too much time and money. That is precisely why the master title is so important.

"I have not only achieved the title for myself, but also for the butcher's craft," says Johan. "I find it important to inspire young generations with our beautiful craft."

 master butcher johan van uden "width =" 5184 "height =" 3456 "/> </figure data-recalc-dims=
 meesterslager johan van uden "width =" 5184 "height =" 3456 "/> </figure data-recalc-dims=

De Meesterproef

During the Master test, the techniques are assessed by independent specialists. With faces that could not be read, they viewed his products. They did not release anything about how Johan had done it. "I thought I had ruined it," says Johan.

Fortunately, it turned out that the specialists just had a good poker face: Johan succeeded and can now call himself one of the five masters in the Netherlands.

You will not get there with a meager enough. The six-figure culture does not exist in the Master Test, for each component you must score at least a nine. It is therefore not surprising that the title master butcher now proudly appears on his chest.

 master butcher johan van uden "width =" 3456 "height =" 5184 "/> </figure data-recalc-dims=

Quality and craftsmanship

While we are served one delicious snack after another (tip: liver sausage on the barbecue, great!), We decide to buy all our meat from the butcher from now on, just like many Dutch people eat also no longer meat every day.We argue that the meat for the other days really go to the butcher.

Yes, it is easier (and cheaper) to just hopping in the local supermarket, but do if you make the effort to visit the butcher, you will get the best quality meat in return, as well as the origin of the meat, unlike the packet of sandwich sausage from the supermarket. may not disappear.

Before the sausage of butcher Chateaubriand in Heemstede is on your sandwich, the sausage is first dried for five hours, smoked for twelve hours and cooked for five hours. Not something you think about when you bite your piece of sandwich away during lunch. Until now!

Along with this master butcher? You can find the Chateaubriand butcher at Binnenweg 163 in Heemstede.

 master butcher johan van uden "width =" 5184 "height =" 3456 "/> </figure data-recalc-dims=

Whether you like sausage:

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Culy visits one of the 5 masters of the Netherlands

Saté ayam (Indonesian chicken saté): that's how you prepare it

If you like juicy meat, then this Indonesian chicken saté is a great option because you don't marinate it with one, but with two marinades. Juicy slightly spicy and above all very tasteful: this saté ayam steals the show on every rice table or barbeque.

There are so many delicious world kitchens, but the one in Indonesia is very high in our list of favorites After the Indonesian pandan cake we are more than happy to share another classic: the saté ayam, or: Indonesian chicken saté.

Get the recipe from the Basic Indonesian Book by Francis Kuijk, with 130 recipes, the book is a true reference rk for those who want to master all the tricks of Indonesian cooking. From ingredient lists to baking utensils and kitchen tips: this book makes you a master in Indonesian cooking in no time

Francis: “Chicken saté is my personal favorite when it comes to satay. It is one of my "go to" recipes when I make a rice table. The taste is subtle and the saté is a bit sweet and sticky. You actually grill saté on charcoal, but sometimes this is not feasible. Then choose to roast satay on an electric BBQ. If you don't have that, then the last choice is to fry the satay in a grill pan. Your saté will certainly be tasty, but with a different structure, slightly drier and certainly also with a different color. ”

 Saté ayam" width = "1200" height = "1500" /> </figure data-recalc-dims=

This is how you make Indonesian chicken satay (saté ayam)

Soak the skewers in water for at least 2 hours and cut the chicken into rectangular pieces of 2 x 3 cm.

Add ketjap manis, Add sugar, garlic, lemon juice and a sufficient amount of pepper and salt to the chicken cubes, knead the seasonings into the chicken cubes and let the chicken marinate overnight or at least 8 hours.

Thread the marinated chicken cubes lengthwise to the Make sure that the tip of the stick is well covered and that there are no gaps between the chicken cubes.

Light the barbecue and grill the satés on all sides, but do not bake them until cooked.

Mix all ingredients for the second marinade and dip each skewer with chicken marinade and briefly roast the satés. Serve the chicken satay with peanut sauce while it is still warm.

 Image Basic Indonesian book "width =" 1200 "height =" 1463 "/> </figure data-recalc-dims=

The Basic Indonesian book by Francis Kuijk (Good Cook) is now in the bookstore for € 30.95

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The ultimate recipe for Indonesian chicken saté (saté ayam )

News, foodpost & hotspots – April 2019

News, foodpost & hotspots – April 2019 – Nice recipes









       News, foodpost & hotspots - April 2019






spaghetti from the pan | Smulweb Blog

spaghetti from the pan


Why do you always have to pour out the spaghetti's cooking water? You can't make spaghetti with just enough cooking water, so you don't have to Then nothing is lost and all flavor components are preserved.

It is possible, as the German TV chef Johan Lafer proves in a demonstration for Bora. My recipe is inspired by that. to recommend, and also saves some water again  :-) "class =" wp-smiley "/> </p data-recalc-dims=

https:// 09/13 / pan spaghetti /

Behind the scenes # 18 – 2019

Hello everyone! We are going to show you again what we have done and eaten in the past week. Among other things, we made a nice cocktail board and Evi also helped in the kitchen. Curious? Then take a quick look!

Evi is happy to lend a hand in the kitchen. When I start making food, she really wants to sit on the counter, help and taste something now and again.
I had bought a bunch of flowers for myself at the Albert Heijn and wow that pink flower was really beautiful. In addition, I was really surprised at how incredibly nice he smelled. Does anyone have any idea what this pink flower is called?

Tuesday and Wednesday I was in the kitchen to make some delicious recipes, including these pita breads and a cocktail board. The recipes will be online this week or next week 🙂

Evi has recently become really fond of apples. Every morning after breakfast she runs to the kitchen and calls apple, apple! Well we don't mind that she loves apple.

We received a nice package from "No Fairytales". We are a big fan of their vegetable wraps and we are very happy with their newest product: (hamburger) sandwiches with 33% vegetables. For sale at the AH.
A while ago we discovered Par Hasard in Almere. We regularly went to Par Hasard in Amsterdam and now it is a lot closer to home and we really like that. At Par Hasard they have the tastiest fries (we think) and very tasty mayonnaise. We also love the old cheese croquettes.

We ate old-fashioned tasty pasta bolognese again, mmm!

We went to the Orchideeënhoeve with Evi again, since the weather was not really nice again . Evi thought it was super fun again and we had a good time.

Saturday we had lunch at Brink 20 in Laren. They had a pulled chicken flammkuchen and that sounded very good to us. The flammkuchen was super tasty, but also a bit intense. I think we will also try to make a pulled chicken flammkuchen, but just a little less heavy.

We also sometimes eat a very simple meal like last Saturday: a foodie, carrots and potatoes.

Evi also enjoyed it.

Sunday we ate a pizza made with Turkish bread, very tasty. I had already made this recipe earlier this week, and it was so popular then. The recipe will be posted on this week

Hopefully you enjoyed seeing our photos, see you next week!

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9 delicious Japanese recipes that belong to your regular repetoire

The tastiest Japanese recipes on Culy

Of course we all love sushi, but Japanese cuisine has so much more to offer than nigiri, maki and sashimi from a all you can eat card! From a sandwich with fried pork to salmon with miso butter and of course lots of noodles: this list of the tastiest Japanese recipes on Culy has something for everyone. Ideal for home cooks who want to expand their repetoire.

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1. Okonomiyaki (savory Japanese pancake)

Okonomiyki is unmistakably Japanese street food. Never tasted? This savory Japanese pancake is irresistibly tasty! We made it with bacon, but the nice thing about okonomiyaki is that you can mix and match with ingredients. For example, also top it with bonito flakes or strips of nori.

> Culy Homemade: okonomiyaki (hearty Japanese pancake)

2. Easy Japanese beef windows

 Japanese beef windows "width =" 900 "height = "593" /> </figure data-recalc-dims=

Windows cannot be missing in your repertoire of Japanese recipes, but making a good noodle soup is not as easy as it seems. The secret of good windows is in the broth: that must be a real taste bomb. This recipe is based on dashi, broth made from kombu (dried seaweed). The beef is also marinated in dashi with soy sauce and mirin.

> Culy Homemade: easy Japanese ramen with beef

3. Katsu sando (Japanese sandwich with crispy pork)

 Katsu sando recipe "width =" 1200 "height =" 797 "/> </figure data-recalc-dims=

The katsu sando has been a favorite snack in years Japan and now slowly conquering the rest of the world, it is a seemingly simple sandwich consisting of two slices of white bread, topped with tonkatsu (breaded, fried pork) and a hefty lick of tonkatsu sauce, so a kind of schnitzel on bread, but then incredibly

> Culy Homemade: katsu sando (Japanese sandwich with crispy pork)

4. Japanese salmon with miso butter, spinach & garlic

 Salmon with miso butter "width =" 1200 "height =" 1798 "/> </figure data-recalc-dims=

This salmon with miso butter is a tasty, light and tasteful dish from the Japanese kitchen – and it is also ready quite quickly . In combination with butter, miso develops a nutty aroma that fits very well with fried or grilled fish, according to Stevan Paul, who wrote the book My Japanese Kitchen.

> Japanese salmon with miso butter, spinach & garlic

5. Tamagoyaki (rolled up Japanese omelette)

 Tamagoyaki Japanese omelette "width =" 1200 "height =" 1798 "/> </figure data-recalc-dims=

Jup, another recipe with an almost impossible pronounceable name But certainly just as tasty as the previous special dishes in this list! This rolled up Japanese omelet may seem like an egg ( no pun intended ), but it is still one of the most difficult dishes in Japanese cuisine to Fortunately, this recipe from My Japanese Kitchen should work, but in Japan tamagoyaki is served as a snack.

> Tamagoyaki (rolled up Japanese omelet): that's how you make it

6. Japanese miso soup with noodles and chicken

 Japanese recipe image noodle soup "width =" 900 "height =" 1326 "/> </figure data-recalc-dims=

Miso is of course a well-known one ingredient from Japanese cuisine, and taste is also central to this dish. This miso soup is not only filled with chicken, but also with shiitake, carrot, spring onion and corn for the necessary vegetables. A thousand times better than instant noodle soup, believe us.

> Culy Homemade: Japanese miso soup with noodles and chicken

7. Japanese spinach crisps

 Healthy crisps: spinach crisps "width =" 1200 "height =" 797 "/> </figure data-recalc-dims=

Well, these spinach crisps may not be real Japanese: vegetable crisps of kale and spinach are especially popular in hip American cities because they are so healthy, but we added a Japanese twist by adding sesame oil and Gomashio, the latter being a kind of herbal salt made from sesame seeds, a little dried chili and salt.

> Culy Homemade: Japanese spinach chips (healthy alternative to chips!)

8. Japanese coleslaw

Coleslaw van white cabbage, winter onions and spring onions: may not immediately sound like a Japanese salad, but add sesame oil, rice vinegar, white miso and soy sauce and voilà you have a delicious side dish to accompany your noodle soup. you can garnish it with some z white sesame seeds

> Recipe: Japanese coleslaw

9. Yakisoba (Japanese udon noodles with lots of vegetables)

 Yakisoba: healthy noodles "width =" 1200 "height =" 797 "/> </figure data-recalc-dims=

This recipe again has noodles as a basis: Yakisoba is traditionally a Japanese wok dish with buckwheat noodles, but we use those tasty thick udon noodles in this recipe, and the easy recipe is also very healthy because of that. the vegetables with which it is stuffed.

> Culy Homemade: yakisoba (Japanese udon noodles with a lot of vegetables)

More delicious Asian recipes:

Of course we all love sushi, but Japanese cuisine has so much more to offer than nigiri, maki and sashimi from a all you can eat card! From a sandwich with fried pork to salmon with miso butter and of course many noodles: this ri jtje of the tastiest Japanese recipes on Culy contains something for everyone. Ideal for home cooks who want to expand their repertoire.

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