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Please Stop Putting Noodles in Your Noodle Soup

A couple months ago, I was developing a recipe for two-ingredient chicken noodle soup. This is just the sort of challenge that my weekly column, Big Little Recipes, loves—making chicken stock about the chicken, not the onion and celery (and carrot and bay leaves and peppercorns). And yet: What turned out to be the most…

Easy Pasta Recipes – Best Noodles for Fast Dinners

Here’s what I look like after I walk through the door after work on a chilly winter weeknight: a shell of myself. Here’s what I’m wearing: a blanket slung around my shoulders (drafty apartment!) and one shoe, because after I removed its partner, I realized I couldn’t be bothered with the other. Here’s what I…

The Cheap, Addictive Cambodian Noodles I Ate Every Day for a Month

My initial arrival in Siem Reap felt cinematic: exiting the airplane and right away hopping into a tuk tuk; careening down dusty, red-dirt roads lining the teeming riverbanks; gazing up at thatched roofs and golden temple gables surrounded by banana trees; feeling the breeze from the open-air carriage and the motorcycles speeding around beside it….