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How to Dry Brush – Best YouTube Tutorials

The first time I tried to “dry brush,” I looked like someone had just told me there was a giant, poisonous tarantula on my back and I had 15 seconds to fling it off. The second time wasn’t much better. Finally, after my roommate walked in on the third or fourth (or fifth?) time—if I’m…

How to Chill Champagne and Wine Quickly Trick from Ina Garten

Ina Garten wants to invite me over this holiday season for a crisp, cold glass of champagne. At least, that’s how I’m interpreting her latest Instagram video of a brilliant hack for chilling bubbles—or wine—as quickly as possible: The tip is simple: instead of using just ice, fill your chilling vessel with half water, too….

Quickly Soften Your Butter With This Easy Hack

Butter is an art, not a science. Cream or milk is churned—ferociously, lovingly—until it achieves the thick, spreadable consistency we love on toast, folded into cakes, or melted into shallots. Butter, that cornerstone of French cuisine, takes many forms. Like a chameleon, butter adapts to its surrounding temperature. In the freezer it is solid, icy…