Vegan burritos with tofu and kidney beans


That tasty wrap, spicy herbs, and last but not least a good amount of beans and corn: burritos are a delicious dish from the Tex- Mex cuisine Whether you wrap them in a wrap or make them in a large pan to share together, you can make the burritos in this recipe with scrambled tofu, so that makes them vegan – perfect if you don't want to eat meat for a day. especially spicy with some sambal, chili or Sriracha if you like spicy.

Also tasty – but slightly less vegan – is grated old cheese on the burrito, and if you have some extras , you can serve a delicious guacamole with it.

This recipe is from Bianca Slotboom from De Keukenboef. A foodie with her own restaurant in Amsterdam where she stands behind the stove three times a day. She also makes delicious recipes for her blog, with short ingredient lists and accessible products. Nice and easy.

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This is how you make this vegan burrito

Finely chop the tofu Please note: do not chop it too fine either, it must still remain kibble and not knit (it is best to use the "pulse" position.)

Chop the onion, cut the bell pepper dice and finely chop the garlic.

Fry the onion together with the garlic in a large (appetizer) pan. After about five minutes, add the pepper cubes, the chopped tofu and the kidney beans.

Add the curry powder, paprika powder and tomato passata, season with pepper and salt, heat for a further 4 to 5 minutes, and stir occasionally.

Heat the wraps in a microwave or on a fire in a pan.

Place the wraps on your kitchen counter, put some mixed salad in the middle of the wrap and divide the vegan tofu mixture over the warps.

Roll up the wraps and cut them in half. Handy: that's how you roll burritos like a pro.

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Vegan burritos with scrambled tofu and kidney beans