Trend: more and more restaurants serve canned fish

Canned fish is generally known as an inexpensive ingredient, such as a lifesaver that always roams somewhere in a cupboard, but we have been seeing fish more and more lately loom up in (luxury) restaurants, highlighted on the menu as a special ingredient What's happening with canned fish

Just to be clear: we are not talking here about canned fish secretly in a dish in the kitchen No, more and more restaurants serve canned fish out & proud : even served in the can where it came from.

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Yes we can!

For example, Restaurant Simple in Utrecht serves a good bar menu with a dish of Ortiz sardines in a can. Then you get Bask’Ona Ketchup and popped seeds and seeds (and that tasted excellent, we can tell you). For the record: it stands among oysters, bisque, brioche with crab and other luxury bites.

And not long ago even a restaurant in Amsterdam opened that completely revolves around canned sardines, salmon and tuna. . The Can Bar is a mecca for the canned fish saver. Yes, they exist. And you would almost become one yourself if you see all those nice cans here cheerfully displayed.

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Greetings from Basque cuisine

In Portugal they almost do not look at it, you almost stumble over the conservas restaurants : restaurants where you go to enjoy sardines, mackerel or canned tuna.

In America it is also becoming a strong trend to put canned fish on the menu, which is partly due to the large number of restaurants in the States that draws inspiration from Basque cuisine, and anyone who knows the Basque Country knows that quite well what prize-winning canned fish is produced.

Also the famous business era rift Forbes called canned fish one of the biggest restaurant trends of 2018. Top chef José Andrés, for example, is also happy to present it to you in his luxurious restaurant The Bazaar.

How can we ever describe the exquisite taste of these mackerels in tomato sauce? Come and try them yourself, accompanied by pâté, fresh bread and a delicious glass of one of our Portuguese wines and beers.🍷🍺

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Canned fish as eye catcher

It is nice to see that canned fish from that everyone's friend from the stock closet (fish connoisseur Bart van Olphen collapsed recently on Culy that canned tuna is the most eaten fish product in the Netherlands) is increasingly moving towards the culinary world.

Because in addition to being simply delicious, there is another nice advantage to canned fish: it fits in perfectly with the growing popularity of sustainability. Moreover, such a fine trend – that of natural wines – appears to go very well with canned fish. This is due to the fact that natural wines are often higher in acidity, which goes well with the salty, oily fat of canned fish.

Do you want to cook with canned fish yourself? Fish connoisseur Bart van Olphen has 3 delicious tips for you

Looking for the perfect New Years snack? I'd go with our anchovies and additional some tuna and sardines for the more cautious tastebuds 😉. . . The classic anchovies are the tree but the white marinated boquerones are amazingly tasty almost like fresh oysters with vinaigrette! . . Anchovies from great @pujado_solano are only made by hand from the freshest sustainable fish from the Cantabrian Sea! . . Photo by @chrisopandertonnesen – beautiful 🙏. . #newyear #snacks #tinnedfish #cannedfish #tuna #sardine #anchovies #boquerones #cantabriansea #grondals

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Trend: more and more restaurants serve canned fish