Behind the scenes # 18 – 2019

Hello everyone! We are going to show you again what we have done and eaten in the past week. Among other things, we made a nice cocktail board and Evi also helped in the kitchen. Curious? Then take a quick look!

Evi is happy to lend a hand in the kitchen. When I start making food, she really wants to sit on the counter, help and taste something now and again.
I had bought a bunch of flowers for myself at the Albert Heijn and wow that pink flower was really beautiful. In addition, I was really surprised at how incredibly nice he smelled. Does anyone have any idea what this pink flower is called?

Tuesday and Wednesday I was in the kitchen to make some delicious recipes, including these pita breads and a cocktail board. The recipes will be online this week or next week 🙂

Evi has recently become really fond of apples. Every morning after breakfast she runs to the kitchen and calls apple, apple! Well we don't mind that she loves apple.

We received a nice package from "No Fairytales". We are a big fan of their vegetable wraps and we are very happy with their newest product: (hamburger) sandwiches with 33% vegetables. For sale at the AH.
A while ago we discovered Par Hasard in Almere. We regularly went to Par Hasard in Amsterdam and now it is a lot closer to home and we really like that. At Par Hasard they have the tastiest fries (we think) and very tasty mayonnaise. We also love the old cheese croquettes.

We ate old-fashioned tasty pasta bolognese again, mmm!

We went to the Orchideeënhoeve with Evi again, since the weather was not really nice again . Evi thought it was super fun again and we had a good time.

Saturday we had lunch at Brink 20 in Laren. They had a pulled chicken flammkuchen and that sounded very good to us. The flammkuchen was super tasty, but also a bit intense. I think we will also try to make a pulled chicken flammkuchen, but just a little less heavy.

We also sometimes eat a very simple meal like last Saturday: a foodie, carrots and potatoes.

Evi also enjoyed it.

Sunday we ate a pizza made with Turkish bread, very tasty. I had already made this recipe earlier this week, and it was so popular then. The recipe will be posted on this week

Hopefully you enjoyed seeing our photos, see you next week!

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