Wow: these Japanese pancakes are huge fluffy

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Are you convinced that you've already found the recipe for fluffy pancakes? Think again : these Japanese pancakes are probably about three times as thick and in Thailand, Australia, Hong Kong, Canada, London, New York and San Francisco, for example, they stand in line for hours, and we understand that very well! what is the secret of these thick but light pancakes?

Hours in line

From Gram Cafe and Pancakes in Hong Kong to Japanese Soufflé Pancake Shop Fuwa Fuwa in London and Taiyaki in New York: Japanese pancakes travel around the world.

Many restaurants serve because of the drawer In addition, there is only a limited number of pancakes on certain days and times. The result is that people stand in line for hours to taste this specialty. Waste of time? Perhaps. But the pancakes also look very tasty.

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Japanese pancakes: fluffy, fluffier, fluffiest

The Japanese pancakes are made with mostly whole. a very light batter is created, which is sprayed into a round mold with a piping bag, which is not just baked, but rather steamed on a baking sheet, under a convex metal lid.

As soon as the soft, fluffy pancakes appear and bottom are baked golden brown, they are quickly piled up and topped with maple or golden syrup and a knob of butter.There are of course also restaurants that have their own variation on it, such as matcha sauce.

Wiggle wiggle

The nice thing about the pancakes is that you z piles can be wobbled just as nicely, just like pudding.

By the way, the air does not stay in the 'souffle pancakes' for an extremely long time, but they become thinner as you spend longer taking Instagram photos. Plus is that it is very difficult to take ugly pictures of such special pancakes, so you can attack immediately afterwards.

As far as we know, you can't taste this hype anywhere in the Netherlands, but in Amsterdam's Jordaan at Japanese Pancake World, for example, you can enjoy other Japanese pancakes. "Okonomiyaki" are flatter, savory pancakes with fresh toppings, but also very worthwhile.

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Wow: these Japanese pancakes are the most fluffy dish you'll ever eat