Three guesses: which fish product do you eat the most?

Perhaps you are right: gambling, herring … fish fingers? But no, canned tuna is the most eaten fish product in Dutch households (ahead, followed by fresh Dutch herring and the well-known fish fingers.) Do you always have a can in the pantry for a quick salad, pasta or snack snack, and do you pay attention to which can you buy?

Like us, fish expert Bart van Olphen wrote two cookbooks with tasty recipes and, under his own brand Fish Tales, brought several cans with sustainably caught tuna on the Bart: “Large canned fish producers are stunting low prices. Two cans for the price of one. And that comes at the expense of a healthy fish stock in the sea. ”

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Stop bad tuna

As a responsible alternative, Bart suggests tuna that has been certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and that has been caught with a fishing rod, which, according to Greenpeace, is the only sustainable method for catching tuna. caught with ringnets where you get an unnecessary amount of bycatch, such as turtles, sharks and immature tuna, it is predatory on our oceans, and by fishing with rod and line you hardly catch any bycatch. developing countries that are entirely dependent on tuna fishing with rods. ”

No less than 93% of the tuna sold in Dutch supermarkets is 'bad tuna', or tuna that has not been sustainably caught. Bart thinks it's really different. That is why he started the Stop Wrong Tuna campaign in which he calls on consumers and producers to switch to buying and selling good tuna.

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Good tuna

If you are also a big canned tuna enthusiast, then share this campaign, your favorite tuna recipe or another statement with 'good' tuna with the hashtag #stopfoutetonijn and also opt for sustainably caught tuna.

Read more about good and less responsible tuna at

Get hungry then make one of these delicious dishes:

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