This is the trailer for the new Netflix series Street Food

The makers of Chef's Table are coming to Netflix with a new series that we have already told you about: Street Food, especially for everyone who already has it Street Food is all about chefs running food carts and stalls, and you can already amaze yourself at the official trailer.

After giving all star restaurants a stage, it is now time for the next: Have a look at casual restaurants, food trucks and stalls that serve all kinds of delicacies – from all over the world.

Netflix's Street Food trailer

Block in your diary but already a nice Netflix Street Food is coming on 26 April to Netflix with the entire season of 9 episodes . The series takes you on a cultural journey of street food and the stories the people behind the food.

And especially for all gourmets with us who can't wait: watch the trailer below

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Street Food season 1

first season of Street Food you will be taken into the wonderful world of Asian street food chefs . You will travel through nine Asian countries (Thailand, India, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam) and will be delighted with the quirky street food culture that prevails there.

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This is the trailer for the new Netflix Series Street Food (from the makers of Chef's Table)