The island of Zanzibar, Jambo, Hakuna Matata

Another year ago and Facebook reminds me of this unforgettable time there. Not only FB but also daily I see the backgrounds of 50 shades of blue and the beautiful sunrise on my phone.

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The island is full of nature such as the Jozani Rainforest with the unique red Colobus monkeys and the mangroves and of course the unforgettable beaches with sand as fine and white as cornflour and the bluest sea I have ever seen, where you can enjoy amazing snorkeling and find yourself in the middle of the film finding Nemo.

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Besides the beautiful nature, there is also the necessary culture with the illustrious slave history of which you can visit the museum in Stonetown. And if you do visit Stonetown, you will of course pay a visit to Freddy Mercury's birthplace.

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Next to our hotel was an interesting project of seaweed plantations for and by women. Beauty products were mainly made, but part of the proceeds was also used for food. For this, the seaweed is dried and exported abroad.

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Zanzibar is often referred to as the spice island. A large part of Clove comes from here. We have an interesting tour. done in which we became acquainted with the growth of all kinds of herbs such as, vanilla, ginger, nutmeg, cocoa, etc. There was also a demonstration of coconut picking.Men who skillfully climb the trees like monkeys, as if it took no effort at all and meanwhile singing their song loudly.

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It is a special island with friendly people where you can see everyone that you encounter with JAMBO is greeted. The ultimate place to relax, from the grind and the excitement of daily life in NL and where you actually never want to leave.

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And of course during my vacation I am always interested in regional food with the recipes. I was lucky that in our hotel (the Dhow Inn) a Dutch hotel manager walked around who was kind enough to send me a number of recipes by e-mail Lucky me ;) "class =" wp-smiley "/> </p data-recalc-dims=

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I also managed to get hold of some cookbooks and that's how I got things back together at home crafted and of course I placed them here as a memory on Smulweb.

Pumpkin soup from zanzibar-supu-ya-mengge

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Chicken curry from Zanzibar dhow-inn

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Chicken-in-coconut sauce-from-zanzibar-dhow -inn

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Purple rice from Zanzibar-

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Cassava-in-coconut sauce-muhogo-wa-nazi

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Tropical fruit salad from Zanzibar matunda salad

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Jambo, Hakuna Matata

Greetings from Wilmie.