The balcony bar, the must-have for long summer evenings

Balcony bar

Whoever lives in a city without a garden but with a balcony, probably spends as many summer evenings as possible on the latter. Of course we can't complain about that, but if we do: balconies are sometimes very small, too small for a table where you can put your beer or soda – unless you want to chase someone off the balcony. But now there is a solution: the balcony bar!

The balcony bar is exactly what you imagine with it: a small bar for your balcony, not one that occupies a huge amount of space, but a bar that you attach to the railing You can hardly tell, and that is precise s what we needed.

The balcony bar

The brains behind the balcony bar, which have been around since 2015 (why didn't we know this yet), are Arjen Spijkerman and Daan Meijners: two 'busy Amsterdammers from the city' who love the outdoors, but don't like small, ugly balconies. With the balcony bar they want to make it more attractive to sit outside in, and they succeed too. Because: you will never again be bothered by knocked-over wine glasses because you "put them on the ground for a while."

In addition to a useful product, they also wanted to design something sustainable and social. That is why Balkonbar cooperates with two reintegration companies, where people with disabilities have the opportunity to develop their talents. Moreover, they use sustainable wood: their Douglas wood, for example, has a PEFC quality mark and you can also order a variant of bamboo. To make your bar last longer, you can treat it yourself with (linseed) oil.

Balcony bar & Hanging Garden, for every balcony

Make the most of your balcony with BalconyBar! Shop all our products at The "Balcony Bar" (Dutch for Balcony Bar) is a unique, social and sustainable product made in The Netherlands, which allows you to really make the most of your balcony by turning it into a bar.

Small table or wide bar

The balcony bar fits on almost any balcony railing, whether flat or square. You get it delivered in a "handy package" at home, after which you have to assemble "m à la IKEA yourself and attach it to the balustrade. It is about 90 centimeters wide, but if you have enough space, you can also choose to place several next to each other so that it looks more like a real bar. If you want to close the bar, order separate sides.

You can buy the balcony bar in a number of places in Amsterdam, but of course you can also order it in the webshop. The most basic variant costs around 70 euros, but there are also other designs that are slightly more expensive. You can also buy a "hanging garden" on the site, for more greenery on your balcony. Jup, it will be a beautiful summer.

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The must-have for this summer: the balcony bar for long summer evenings