Sate Lilit: everything about the Balinese saté (with delicious herbs)

One of the tastiest things to eat when you head to Asia is satay, you know: pieces of roasted meat on a skewer. In Indonesian we are talking about satay (without hyphen), satay or satai Delicious with glutinous rice, atjar and of course peanut sauce.

In Indonesia they have different types of satay, the best known being pork (babi), chicken (ajam), goat (kambing) and shrimp (udang) .In addition to the different satés per meat type, regions also have their own saté, such as satang Padang ( from West Sumatra), but also the island of Bali has its own variant.

Sate Lilit from Bali

Sate Lilit is a Balinese variant of the saté. It is made from minced pork, fish, chicken or cow and sometimes even turtle meat . To make the saté, the meat is mixed with spices: grated coconut, coconut milk, lemon juice, onion and pepper.

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The mixture of meat and herbs is then wrapped around a bamboo stick or lime grass and grilled on cabbage. Normally the spiced meat is stabbed on the choke, which is what immediately makes the satay 'own'. means 'wrapping around it' hence.

Asian recipes ( with saté)

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Everything about satay lilit: Balinese saté (with delicious herbs!)