Le Seitanist makes the tastiest vegan meat from seitan

Le Seitanist

Vegans have probably known it for a long time: seitan This popular meat substitute comes from Japan, where they already have hundreds of it years, but is still relatively new here Seitan is made from wheat flour that is always rinsed in water until a dough of wheat protein remains, which is boiled and then usually baked, clearly not gluten-free, but very tasty. and full of protein and iron.

Because of its spongy structure, seitan looks a lot like meat, and various large and small companies are eager to use it, including Le Seitanist, who proudly presents himself with the slogan ' reinventing seitan sin ce 2014 ′.

Seitan from Le Seitanist

Brain behind Le Seitanist is Janko, who lives in Ghent and makes all his products himself. Nice and local! He has a huge heart for veganism and sustainability, but also for taste, and is therefore constantly developing new flavors by constantly adding different spices.

When he has found a new perfect combination, he will get who is the name of an important person in history – the design of his 'meat' is wonderfully old-fashioned.

For example, there is "Le Leonardo, an all-round seitan sausage with the aromas of the good Italian life." In the Italian sausage you will find oregano and peppers – perfect for a toast with a drink. There are also chorizo ​​burgers "Alexander", aubergine sitan "Le Carl" and "Hannibal Kebabarkas", well-flavored seitan kebab. Or go for "Miyamoto, seitan for warriors with sesame and seaweed".

"Le Jesus"

The flavors are special, but all equally delicious. Some variants are for sale in multiple versions, for example as burgers, sausages or simply as a block. And occasionally there are specials, such as "Le Jesus" at Christmas: a jar of "seitan roast" with, among other things, chestnut, mushrooms and a net of cranberries and figs. Something for everyone, and also as an avid meat eater you will miss nothing.

Le Seitanist's vegan meat is for sale in a number of places in Belgium, such as Akker & Ambacht and Ohne in Ghent, Kabas in Mechelen, Content in Leuven and Ohne in Zwalm. But if you are very curious and would like to place an order, you can of course simply contact us. More information can be found on the Facebook page.

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