Chocolate pancakes with oatmeal – Tasty and simple

These chocolate pancakes with oatmeal are very simple to use to make and stand on the table in about 20 minutes. Very tasty and easy. Instead of blueberries and grapes, you can serve the pancakes with red currants and raspberries.

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For 10 small pancakes
Time: 20 min.


  • 2 bananas (preferably as ripe as possible)
  • 200 ml milk

  • 125 gr oatmeal
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 tbsp cocoa powder
  • 4 tbsp mascarpone
  • 4 tbsp cottage cheese
  • 1 tsp honey
  • fresh fruit such as b lukewarm berries and grapes


Mash the bananas with a fork until you get a sauce. Put the mashed bananas, the milk, cocoa powder and the oatmeal in a high mixing bowl and grind the whole with the hand blender. Then add the egg and mix it with a spoon through the batter. Heat a little oil or butter in a pan and scoop small heaps into the pan with a spoon. I bake about 3 pancakes at a time. At the first pancakes I forgot to grind the batter as you see in the picture op

Bake the pancakes 2 minutes per side. Remove them from the pan and let them cool down. Meanwhile mix the mascarpone with the curd cheese and honey. Place a pancake on a plate and spread some mascarpone mixture on top. Then again a pancake, layer of mascarpone mixture etc. Finish with some fresh fruit such as blueberries and grapes.
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