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Because one egg is not an egg, we have several egg recipes collected for you! If you've been watching our Facebook page lately, then you've certainly seen some eggs coming in. Now we've written a blog that will surprise your family and friends with the perfectly prepared egg and tips for delicious recipes to make Easter complete.

Techniques for preparing an egg
Oeuf cocotte
This classic French egg is not prepared in a pan but in a pan the oven! With this basic recipe you can vary endlessly and make it as exciting as you want. For example, add ham, fresh herbs or cheese and dip your bread there in.

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<p> Perfect scrambled eggs <br /> Scrambled eggs is a delicious classic egg recipe that is not difficult and is on the table in no time. But how do you make the perfect scrambled eggs that are not dry? This recipe explains how to get it done. <img class=

Poached egg
Indispensable with the Easter brunch, a delicious Poached egg It seems hard to make but with a little practice and with a few tips and tricks you can get it right!  Poached egg "width =" 676 "height =" 328 "/> </strong> </p>
<p> Egg Benedict <br /> If you have mastered the poached egg, you can apply the technique to this delicious recipe! Egg Benedict is an American breakfast / brunch dish. Serve the egg on a biscuit bun with green asparagus, chicken fillet and a tasty sauce. Perfect for Easter if you ask us! </p>
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