Crete – Under the Grecian Sun, A Romantic Greek Culinary Travel Journey

Crete – Under the Grecian Sun, A Romantic Greek Culinary Travel Journey

Join The Goddess and the Greek® on a Romantic Greek Culinary-Travel Journey in Under the Grecian Sun in Crete, Greece.

Follow award-winning on-camera personality, lifestyle journalist, national wellness author of Diary of A Modern Day Goddess, and independent producer Cynthia Daddona as she delivers her most fun and inspiring cultural travel exploration yet. In this documentary Cynthia, an Italian-Greek-American, is joined by her Greek-American husband James and together they are The Goddess and the Greek,® in Crete: Under the Grecian Sun. Come along as they celebrate a romantic culinary and eco-travel journey on this savory island in the Mediterranean Sea. This delicious, entertaining and informative program is the next best thing to actually being in Crete!

The Goddess and the Greek® welcome you to celebrate Greece’s BIG island, CRETE!

So, sit back, relax and enjoy as you discover the delicious and life-enhancing ways of life on the Greek island of Crete. Follow Cynthia as she explores eco-village living and the longevity enhancing Mediterranean way of life that includes savoring times at the table while eating the delicious and healthy cuisine of Crete. A 15-year scientific study of seven diverse countries confirmed that the Cretan village farmers of the 1960’s had the best health and longevity in the world. The diet of Crete and Southern Italy inspired the foundation for the famous Mediterranean Diet.

Crete – Under the Grecian Sun showcases Crete’s bountiful food traditions and tables, both ancient and modern, vibrant and vital villages, wisdoms of the Yia Yias (grandmas), working farm-to-table agritourism sites, contemporary hotels and spas, sun-soaked sandy beaches, goddess-centric ancient Minoan culture, archaeological splendors of rich history, and natural majestic landscapes reminiscent of a Tuscany on the Aegean Sea. Cretan culture today is a blend of mainly Greek along with touches of Venetian & Turkish influences. Its cuisine is forever an ethnic cornucopia of tastes and smells using the freshest local ingredients and time-honored recipes.

With 20 years of travel and lifestyle journalism and a television and improv comedy background, Cynthia will educate, entertain and inspire you as she visits locations in Crete such as Elounda, Spinalonga, Heraklion, Knossos, Hersonissos, Rethymnon, Anogeia, Chania and many other wonderful and romantic places in-between. Her other productions in Greece include her #1 New York Times’ Greek culinary-travel DVD, A Greek Island Islands Destination Cooking Class. In addition to hosting for, Cynthia is the creator and hosts of the video websites and