17 One-Pot Dinners to Pull Out for Weeknight Magic

Some people (like my roommate) wake up as the day goes on. By the time they get home from work, they’re ready to tackle a workout, dinner, and a couple episodes on Netflix.

I am not one of those people. By the end of the day, my energy is spent and I’m easily overwhelmed. Juggling multiple steps and a mess of pots and pans can send me into a spiral. I need a no-fuss, streamlined strategy. I need a one-pot wonder.

My favorite one-pot (or one-pan) meals, like soups, stews, pastas, and curries, don’t demand spinning plates. They usual entail a simple, soothing formula, building layers of flavor in one heavy-bottomed vessel. They leave me full and my kitchen (relatively) clean. Below, I’ve gathered 17 of our best no-mess masterpieces.

Bonus: Many of these are make-ahead! So maybe I can squeeze in after-work exercise, too—or better yet, some Netflix time.

Plus a one-bowl dessert

What’s your favorite one-pot (or pan!) dinner? Share in the comments below!

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